Lenny Henry launches new children's book at Elmhurst Primary School

Recent days have seen him grace the stages of literacy festivals and even the National Television Awards, but it was Elmhurst Primary School that held pride of place in Sir Lenny Henry's appearance schedule.

The comedian, 64, launched his new children's novel, The Book of Legends, from our school's Quentin Peppiatt Theatre, with the event broadcast live to almost 9,500 pupils across the country.

Elmhurst was honoured to welcome him in person to our school on Tuesday 11th October. His mix of jokes, readings, writing tips and anecdotes kept our children enthralled.

Almost 240 children from years five and six, as well as teachers, governors and even headteachers from other schools, crammed in to the theatre to watch the show. Sir Lenny was also then gracious enough to sign the books of a long line of excited children (and adults). A further 360 children, from years two, three and four, watched from their classrooms.

Sir Lenny's visit, organised through the brilliant Newham Bookshop and the author's team at McMillan Books, helped further strengthen our children's love of reading. Pupils rushed to buy both of the actor's books (The Boy With Wings and The Book of Legends), as well as Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun by Tola Okogwu, who was interviewing Sir Lenny on stage.