Partner School Success!

One of our Partner Schools, Godwin Primary School in Barking and Dagenham, had an Ofsted inspection in December last year. We are delighted that they received very positive feedback on their reading teaching! This is testament to their hard work in implementing a new phonic programme, with support and funding from New Vision English Hub.

The Ofsted report states that:

Leaders prioritise the teaching of reading. Staff are well trained in the teaching of phonics. They quickly spot those pupils who need extra support to keep up. Younger pupils practise reading books that match the sounds they can read at home and at the school. The higher than national proportion of pupils who have SEND are doing well from the range of specialist support. Many have speech and communication difficulties and struggle to learn sounds quickly. Consequently, the proportion of pupils who reach the expected standard in the phonics check in Year 1 is below the national average. However, the school provides effective support for these pupils to catch up and learn the sounds that letters make. Consequently, almost all pupils have the phonics knowledge they need to learn to read fluently and independently by the end of Year 2. Pupils through the school like reading and record their daily reading on their ‘rocket’ records. These ‘rockets’ are on display all around the school, shooting across the walls, up to the sky.

The full report can be found here:

Godwin Primary School was selected as one of our Partner Schools last year after attending a Showcase and submitting an Action Plan. New Vision English Hub has provided the school with £6,000 funding to implement a new systematic synthetic phonic programme with fidelity. As one of our twenty Partner Schools they are also benefitting from 6 days free Literacy Specialist support this year.