Supporting Early Language Development

Supporting Early Language Development

New Vision English Hub is delighted to offer a new CPD programme: Supporting Early Language Development. This programme was developed by a group of English Hubs with support from Speech and Language UK.

Course aims:

During the course, participants will engage deeply with early language pedagogy, securing their understanding of the stages of ‘typical’ language development and concentrating on the expected milestones that occur during primary years (ages 4 to 11). Practical classroom skills and techniques for quality first teaching in YR and KS1 will be shared, including ways to identify and support those children who may not be developing language skills as expected.


The sessions will be facilitated by two staff from Elmhurst Primary School: Fahima Khankhara, English Hub Lead and Assistant Head, and Tara Cowley, Literacy Specialist. Fahima Khankhara is an experienced trainer and, as a teacher, specialises in supporting lower attainers. Having taught across EYFS and KS1, Tara Cowley is passionate about how early language strategies, such as contingent talk, can support pupils to meet expected milestones.


Training will be delivered remotely on Zoom, from 1.30 - 4.00pm, on the following dates:

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