Literacy Specialists

Annette Clark


Annette Clark has been teaching in London schools for 24 years. She is an SLE in Reading and has been the Reading Lead at Gainsborough Primary in Newham since 2011. She is passionate in her belief that every child is fully entitled to leave primary school as a confident, competent reader who is enthused about books.


Jessica Ballard


Jessica Ballard has led the development and implementation of early reading and phonics in Early Years and Key Stage One in her school, Lyons Hall, and across The Learning Pathways Trust. She is the KS1 and phonics lead, and a Specialist Leader of Education. Jessica is passionate in doing everything within her power to enable all children to read fluently, confidently and enthusiastically. She is committed to supporting schools in their mission to make every child a reader. 


Jeymini Wright


Jeymini Wright has been teaching for almost 16 years. She spent ten of those years working as the Reception Year Group Leader at Nelson Primary School and is currently working as the Phonics Manager at Nelson Primary School. She is extremely passionate about the pleasure for reading in young people and believes that every child can read if they are given the correct tools.


Victoria Bryant


Victoria has been teaching primary children for 15 years. For the last four years she has worked as Reception Year Group Leader as well as Reading Lead for the school. Victoria is driven in ensuring that every child learns to read in the Reception year as well as developing a love of reading.


Karen Collison

Karen holds the position of a Lead Practitioner across the HEARTS Academy Trust. Karen has been a KS1 Lead and English Lead in a large Primary School and regularly contributed to staff development at both Primary and Secondary levels. Karen is a Specialist Leader for Education in Phonics and Reading. She also is a Specialist Teacher for children who have specific learning difficulties and is qualified to carry our diagnostic assessment to ensure correct support is in place. Karen is dedicated to the mind-set that all children will have the same opportunities to become fluent and passionate reader.