Hub Team

Clara Breakwell: English Hub Lead

Clara Breakwell is the English Hub Lead and Literacy Coordinator at Elmhurst Primary School. She will be leading the Showcase events and conducting Audits, in conjunction with the Literacy Specialist Team. She began her teaching career in Harlow and is looking forward to working with schools throughout North East London and Essex to get all children reading confidently and for enjoyment.



Katharine Young: English Hub Strategic Lead

Katharine Young is an Assistant Head Teacher and Teaching School Lead at Elmhurst Primary School. She is an experienced Year 6 teacher, former Literacy Coordinator and Specialist Leader of Education (SLE). She is passionate about reading for pleasure and the power stories have to change children’s lives.



Farida Mayat: English Hub Coordinator


Farida Mayat will be coordinating the English Hub activities. She will be managing event bookings, dealing with financial matters and responding to general enquiries.


Katherine Roberts: Elmhurst Primary School Reading Leader

Katherine Roberts is the Key Stage 1 Assistant Head Teacher and Reading Leader at Elmhurst Primary School. She is a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) with 13 years of expertise in managing the delivery of our phonics programme, ensuring fidelity to the scheme and consistency of teaching.